By Eloise Evans on 22/09/2016

Here at Mr. Electric, we know how most households end up collecting too many old electrical items. Be it phones that you put in a draw because you think, "I'll use it again one day," or a broken microwave that you meant to take to the tip, but it ended up in the loft instead - everyone has something that should have been thrown away a long time ago but managed to stick around. 

However, there is a nightclub events team that tour the UK that can help with this! Now you might be thinking, "how can a night out help me with the broken hairdryer in my cupboard?" Well, for these particular club nights, all you need to hand over for an entry free is an old electrical item that needs to be recycled!

Make Noise is a team that tours nightclubs all over the UK, hosting parties where people can bring along any electrical item to recycle to gain entry. Founded in 2010, the Make Noise nights are put on in association with the European Recycling Platform and Heavenly Records and are there to raise awareness about the importance of recycling electrical goods. 

Carl Gosling, who has been organising the events since 2010 said: " We've had people turn up with hoovers, flatscreen TV's, and microwaves. Once, in Bristol, a guy showed up who didn't know you have to bring something. He went home and drove back in a van with a fridge inside."

So far they have hosted events from London to Edinburgh, including Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham, Belfast, Cardiff and more! The next events are to be hosted throughout October and November and are taking place in Wales. To find out more about these events, visit the Make Noise Facebook Page

Mr. Electric knows the importance of recycling old electrical items, so these events are a fantastic way to not only help get rid of some unwanted junk but also raise awareness of how important recycling is!



Post Source: Wales Online

Photo Source: Freepik


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