By Eloise Evans on 15/09/2016

Our last post was about the hot weather we are having this week, and we are going to follow this up by reporting on the weather again – but this time the horrendous weather certain parts of the country are getting. Where some areas of the UK are experiencing a full-blown heatwave, other parts are getting torrential rain and massive thunder and electrical storms – and as Mr. Electric loves all things electric, we thought we’d look into it.

That’s exactly what happened in Manchester this week where they had a massive electrical storm that lit up the night sky on Tuesday evening. They also had massive floods throughout greater Manchester from the storm and the city seemed to come to a halt as the rain kept falling.

About 20,000 properties lost power in the Lancashire area, which then led to the Manchester City’s Champions League game being postponed due to the downpour. The Metrolink tram lines were also suspended and incoming planes were forced to divert from Manchester Airport due to the lightning strikes.

The video below, featured on Manchester Evening News, shows the lightning that was captured by various people from around greater Manchester. Some of the strikes we see in this video are pretty spectacular and must have been amazing to see in real life – if you’re not scared of lightning of course.


Post Source: BBC News

Photo Source: Freepik


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