By Eloise Evans on 14/09/2016

The NHS has issued a level-two health warning due to the exceptional heat we are predicted to have this September. September can be warm, but it will be unusually hot this year as the Met Office has said temperatures could rise to above 30C in some areas of the country.

Both Public Health England and NHS England have issued warnings about the risk the heat could pose to your health. Vulnerable people such as the elderly or children can be seriously affected by the heat, but everyone is at risk of symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration.

Here at Mr. Electric, we care about our customers’ well-being as well as keeping your electrical systems up to scratch. And as we love all things electrical, we thought we’d share our favourite tips and tricks to keep yourself cool with the help of some electrical items.

  • Turn off your electricals! It sounds silly, but your electrical appliances will emit more heat than you might think, so keeping as many off as you can keep your home a little bit cooler.
  • If you have a ceiling fan, make sure you set it to rotate counter-clockwise so that it pushes the air downwards. However, when you are not in the room make sure you turn your fan off as it doesn’t keep the air cool, it only gives you the effect of being cooled, so without you in the room, it won’t make any difference.
  • If the air is cooler outside, open a window and put an electrical fan next to it. The fan will pull the cool air inside and blow it around your house.
  • A bathroom extractor fan will pull hot air out of your house and push it outside, so try putting this fan on and pulling some of that warm air outside.
  • When the air is cooler at night, open all the windows you can and leave the curtains open. This will mean that cool breeze can make its way into your home to cool it during the night.
  • Open windows at both ends of your house to create a cross breeze and help circulate cooler air through the house.
  • Running appliances like the tumble dryer, dishwasher or washing machine will create a lot of heat. So, try to use these when the temperatures are cooler, like the early morning.
  • Try to prep your food before you turn the oven on. This won’t keep your house cooler but it will stop you from overheating in the kitchen whilst cooking.
  • Another option for cooking is microwave or grill cooking to keep the heat and humidity out of the kitchen – or just stick to cold foods like salads, raw veg and cold soups to keep the heat out entirely.

So, if you’re feeling a bit too hot this September, try these handy tricks from the team here at Mr. Electric to keep yourself cool! You can also keep yourself cool with the tips and tricks that our sister company Drain Doctor has provided over on their blog!



Photo Source: Freepik

Post Source: BBC News


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