By Eloise Evans on 04/07/2017

As the summer holidays draw nearer, your children will soon need to keep themselves preoccupied for the long hours of the day. So, we just thought we’d share some tips to keep your kids safe around electricity. If your children decide to play outdoors in the summer, make sure they stay safe:

  • Electrical substations are fenced off for a reason! Make sure your children know to stay away from these and never attempt to climb or enter any fenced off or sign posted areas with electrical equipment.
  • Since we’re actually experiencing some semi-decent weather this year, children may want to start cooling off with water activities, like pools, water slides or water guns etc. If they choose to play with water, make sure that they are always careful around electricity. If you have any electrical connections in the garden, always set up water activities as far away from them as possible. Also, always ensure children are completely dry before touching any electrical items in the house to avoid electric shock.
  • Being all the rage at the moment, if your children have any electric planes, helicopters or drones, be sure that they don’t fly them anywhere near power lines – and even though they’re a bit of a blast from the past, if they want to fly a kite, the same rules apply. It can be dangerous to both your children and to the power supply, so ensure they keep a safe distance from any electrical supply or power line.
  • If your kids like a bit of adventure and find themselves climbing trees this summer, always check the area and make sure there are no electrical power supplies or lines around to keep them safe from electric shock.

Follow these tips and your kids are sure for a safe, fun summer! However, if you need any help with keeping your children electrically safe, give Mr. Electrical a call. 


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