By Eloise Evans on 29/06/2017

Electrical Safety First has always campaigned for a stronger emphasis on recalled electrical products and the dangers they bring with them, and in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, it seems to be more important than ever.

Since it was discovered that a faulty Hotpoint fridge freezer was the cause of the unforgettable blaze that devastatingly killed at least 79 people, the fridge freezer model is now being examined by technical experts to find the cause of the fire.

The Hotpoint FF175BP was the initial starting point of the fire, a model that so far has had no reason to be seen as unsafe. However, after the events of 14th June, it is unsure whether or not this incident was a one-off or if it is a fault with the fridge freezer model.

So many electrical products are recalled and it is very unlikely that if anyone had purchased one, they would know to take it back. It’s not something that is heavily promoted or even mentioned to consumers. We never hear anything about recalled electrical products, and the only way to find out if you own one is if you go looking.

Electrical Safety First has been campaigning to raise awareness about recalled products for a long time as, if left, could lead to devastating consequences. “[Product recalls] generally have a limited success rate in terms of reaching the end-customer,” Chief Executive of Electrical Safety First, Phil Buckle said. “The effectiveness of a recall can be as low as 10-20%.”

Although the cause of the Grenfell Tower fire has not been proved to be down to a manufacturer fault, Buckle did comment: “we know that fridge freezers – along with other large white goods – cause a significant number of fires in UK homes. Data provided by fire services in England, gathered over the past six years, show four fires a week, on average, are caused by faulty fridge freezers.”

When we look at a number of fires caused by faulty electrical products, and just how destructive this can be, we know it is so important to register your products so you can be notified of any safety issues or recalls.

We at Mr. Electric encourage you to please visit the Register My Appliance website and register all of your electrical items. You will rarely know if a product is dangerous or faulty unless you do – you don’t want to wait until it’s too late to do so. 


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