By Eloise Evans on 20/10/2016

Yesterday was National Burn Awareness Day, and leading charity Electrical Safety First are working with Children’s Burns Trust to help raise awareness of the dangers associated with hair straighteners among parents.

In recent figures, in the UK last year there were 392 children admitted to specialist burns units as a result of hair straighteners, which accounts for 5% of all child burn admissions.

In a study, Electrical Safety First found a shocking result of almost one in ten parents that used hair tools reported that either their child or a child in their care had received serious burns from a heated styling appliance. A serious burn was defined as contact that broke the skin, caused the skin to blister, or left a permanent scar.

Paul Fuller, Chairman of Trustees at the Children’s Burns Trust said: “Children are at even greater risk of burns since their skin is 15 times thinner than that of adults. A burn or scald at this age could need years of repeated surgery as the child grows because scarred tissue does not grow with them. To protect children, we need to recognise the potential dangers of hair straighteners. I would advise any parent that uses a hair tool to put it away after use, store it in a heat resistant pouch and out of reach of children.”

We have previously written about the dangers of heated beauty appliances and how they can seriously injure you,  your children and even cause fires if left on by accident. Since this post, ten-month-old Joshua has been admitted to hospital as has was injured when hot straighteners fell onto his arm.

Emma Apter from Electrical Safety First also commented: “It’s worrying that many of us are taking risks with hair tools that can get as hot as an iron. The research shows that many parents are not storing products like straighteners properly or keeping them out of children’s way. Parents have to juggle many tasks in the morning and while we don’t want to add to the list, it’s vital that hair straighteners are kept out of reach of small hands and feet. We are urging manufacturers to play their part in protecting consumers by providing safe storage for their products.”

However, when Electrical Safety First looked into it, “only six of the top ten hair straighteners on Amazon supplied a heat proof mat or pouch with the product, with only half of the top 10 curling tongs and wands supplying a similar safety accessory.”

This is obviously a tricky situation as these heat proof mats and pouches aren’t always supplied, but we would urge anyone, especially those with children, to purchase a heatproof mat or pouch if one isn’t supplied with your purchase. It’s also advised that if you are already using a heated hair appliance and don’t have a protective pouch or mat to purchase one.

To read more about this, read the full press release here



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