By Eloise Evans on 14/10/2016

Welcome back to Your Smart Home, the series in which we talk about new technologies and devices that can make your life easier and take the steps towards home automation. In the last Your Smart Home, we spoke about smart heating where you can control your home's heating and hot water all from the ease of your smartphone. This edition is going to look into something that can make boiling the kettle a thing of the past – smart coffee machines!

Smart coffee machines are something that will change that way you make coffee. They have fantastic functions that let you schedule a cup of coffee so that when you wake up, so does your coffee machine. Imagine walking into the kitchen rubbing your eyes and just picking up a coffee to start your day. You’re saving time and precious sleepy energy not needing to make your own coffee in the morning.

With certain brands, such as the Smarter Coffee and iKettle, you can even have notifications sent to warm up your coffee when you arrive at home so you can come in from a long day at work and have a coffee ready and waiting for you. You can also set the temperature you want the coffee at and how many cups you want prepared so that it’s always ready for if you’re expecting guests. You can keep you kettle warmer for longer and perfect your coffee taste and choose the perfect amount of beans for you. You can even keep updates with the amount of coffee beans your machine has and get notified when you need more.

With these new, smarter ways to help you with daily chores, you can start to move into an easier life and stop worrying about the little things and focus on the important things.  

Photo Source: Freepik


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