By Eloise Evans on 24/09/2016

Electricity has become a massive day-to-day necessity in most people's lives across the globe, as most people would be lost without the bulbs that light our homes, the ovens that cook our food and the televisions that provide us with entertainment. With all of these new technologies that have sprung up over the last 100 years, all the energy used has been a drain on the planet's nonrenewable fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, and the Earth has suffered for it. 

However, we are beginning to see change as, since 2015, a majority of nations around the world have implemented policies that support the growth of renewable energy. 

A new report from the World Energy Council (WEC) shows that now, nearly one-third of the world's power sources are made up of renewable energy technologies. This accounts for nearly a quarter if its electricity production. All renewable sources have seen growth in recent years, however, the report stated that hydroelectric power from dams still creates the majority of this energy.

"Mounting concerns about global warming and the role of the energy sector require the industry to adjust to the realities of operating in a new carbon-constrained world," the report stated. 

With this growing concern about the health of our planet and the rapid growth in the use of renewable power sources, we will start to see changes in where our electricity comes from. 

We hope to see a continued growth for these technologies that help the planet whilst still providing us with that same electricity so that we can charge our phones and heat the kettle. 

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Post Source: Computer World

Photo Source: Freepik


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